The Grammys: Best Performances of the Last Decade

You know that the Grammy board stays trippin’. So in honor of their consistently leaky coverage of the country’s best music, we’ve decided to dedicate a week to the good, bad and ugly of the Grammys over the last decade. Whether it’s our list of their best performances or the worst outfits, better believe it’ll be worth your attention.





Remember, the days before Youtube when you actually had to watch the Grammys live because if you missed it there was no way of seeing it…ever…again. That was unless someone you knew videotapped it. Let’s face it, the real reason why you tune into the Grammys every year (even when you say you aren’t going to) is to see who is going to kill the stage. We’re rounded up our selection for the Best Grammy Performance over the last 10 years. Tell us if we missed anything.



TI ft Jay-Z, Kanye West, Lil’ Wayne and MIA

Song: Swagga Like Us Year: 2009

Arguably the greatest Grammy performance in hip-hop history––four of rap’s Top 5 (at the time) donned in tuxedos with a very prego M.I.A lead rocking the hook. Swagger could be seen streaming into the front row.



Gnarls Barkley

Song: Crazy

Year: 2007

Ever the unconventionalists, Mr. Mouse slows down their award winning novelty hit “Crazy” with a military percussion and string section while Sir Green’s gospel range is illuminated by a massive choir. Insane indeed



Eminem and Elton John

Song: Stan

Year: 2001

How the world’s most homosexually offensive rapper teamed up with music’s biggest Queen has us confused. One thing for sure is it’s the Grammys illest pairing to date. Ken Kaniff approved.



Moby ft/ Jill Scott and The Blue Man Group

Song: Natural Blues

Year: 2001

Moby’s joint was definitely blue but when he decorated the stage with the human Smurfs and let Jill lead with negroe spirituality, the 43rd Grammys turned the color purple.


Chris Brown

Song: Run It

Year: 2007

This might’ve been the night where Chris Brown became the Chris Brown. Young Breezy wedded athleticism and pop rhythm into primetime matrimony. Then he placed a delectable cherry on top of his night with a James Brown tribute worthy of Godson of Soul praises.



Christina Auguleria

Song: This is a Man’s World

Year: 2007

We lost a great musician in James Brown, the godfather of soul. A tribute to celebrate his legacy was expected. Yet, when we saw the petite powerhouse walk on stage, grab the mic and belt out perhaps Brown’s most signature tune we were truly amazed.



Mary J Blige

Song: No More Drama

Year: 2002

This breakout performance catapulted the queen of Hip Hop Soul from urban artist to superstar. Her raw emotion resulted in a standing ovation. The queen finally arrived.




Kanye West

Song: Stronger / Hey Mama

Year: 2008

The first part of this performance exhibited all of the showmanship we’ve expected from Mr. West. Then he switched gears to memorialize his mother, who recently passed away. – Bonsu Thompson