HBO x Inauguration Weekend 2009 = Must Cop!

When VIBE attended last year’s inauguration festivities for President Barack Obama, we thought, Someone should totally film this and make it into a DVD.

Leave it HBO to get the job done.

On April 16, Home Box Office is releasing The Official Inaugural Celebration DVD, a special edition two-disc documentary, officially endorsed by the Presidential Inaugural Committee. Those who tuned in or attended last year’s week long party will remember not only the sheer amount of people who flocked to the nations capital in celebration of Obama’s historic entry into office, but the festivities surrounding the occasion, some of which are included on the DVD.

The pre-inaugural concert, We Are One, which featured acts such as Stevie Wonder and Bruce Springsteen is included in its entirety. The Neighborhood Ball, originally televised on ABC, is also included which is a good thing because it includes what is perhaps our favorite part of the entire weekend. 

This is much better than the Obam Chia Pet and those not-gold commerative coins.  – Jozen Cummings