Kelis Bites Back at PETA

Kelis caught some heat from the People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) after pictures of her in a fur jacket and matching hat hit the net last week. After thinking it over, the “Milkshake” singer took to her MySpace page today to respond with a witty letter of her own.

“There is no humane way to kill anything,” the letter begins. “Let me start there. It’s unfortunate but it’s part of life.” Next, she switches her focus to PETA president and cofounder Ingrid Newkirk, calling her “completely batty” and “certifiably insane!”

Kelis pegged Newkirk as a hypocrite, citing that the animal activist has diabetes, using insulin to take care of herself. “Which means she needs insulin,” Kelis explained. “Which is taken from lab pigs. It’s like [she’s saying] ‘Don’t abuse animals unless it can help me.’”

The singer further stated that she doesn’t understand the rationale behind throwing paint on fur wearers: “What if I was hurling [Christian] Louboutins and Pierre Hardy’s at every sad, poorly dressed person on the street.”

Kelis ends the letter by banishing Newkirk to a forest of her choice, where she’d likely be more comfortable. “Quite honestly if you hate the world so much go live in the forest where no one else has to hear you complain about the perfectly good food chain the good Lord created.” –Brad Wete

To read the entire letter, visit Kelis’ MySpace page.



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