Lady Gaga at Radio City: Vomit, Simulated Sex & The Donald

A Lady Gaga concert is a 90-minute mind-fuck. Broadway theatrics, 3D costumes and sexual tension rivaling a burlesque show. “Welcome to the Monsters Ball,” Gaga greeted her sold out crowd at New York City’s Radio City Music Hall Wednesday night (Jan. 20). “Now dance you motherfuckers!” Her little monsters—what she calls her fans—responded with screeches and cheers.

On her first of four nights at Radio City, the multi-platinum artist, along with 10 dancers, sang, shocked and entertained. The night’s showcase was grandiose, as expected. There was vomit. She simulated oral sex. Gaga’s eight costume changes displayed her penchant for exaggerated, glam-rock costuming. And lastly, she sang her ass off. The five wildest things at the show:

1. The Gaga Look-Alikes

The love Gaga receives from her fans teeters on idol worship. As if it were Halloween, many came dressed as the pop queen, some in tutus and blonde wigs. Others were winged and bloodied, liked injured angels. One went full-Gaga, copying the red lace dress with matching face cover that she wore at the 2009 MTV Awards.

2. Neon Vomit

During one of her many wardrobe switches, a video played of Gaga in a white dress sitting next to a disoriented woman. The sick woman eventually tossed her cookies, spitting up the brightest puke ever on Gaga’s pretty dress.

3. The Donald

In a sea of fist-pumping youngsters, one suited man (and his wig) stood still: Donald Trump.

4. Nutty, Colorful Costumes

Her first outfit was a blinking, light bulbed leotard. Bright! Another transformed her into a vulture, with black feathered shoulders. Dramatic. A barely there gold armored ensemble with a matching helmet and spiked ball showed that she was ready for war. And will likely kick your ass.

5. A Sign of Monster Allegiance

Raise your right arm up and out. Raise your left arm halfway up. Open up both hands up, but stiffen them as if they’re cramped or crippled. Now fix your face as a vampire would just before feasting on a supple neck. This, friends, is how you let Lady Gaga know you’re down with her monster movement. –Brad Wete

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