Lenny Kravitz Helped Michael Jackson See “Another Day,” Denies Leaking Track

It’s been six months since Michael Jackson’s death, but the demand for new and unreleased material from the King of Pop is as high as it’s been since Thriller.

Over the weekend “Another Day,” an unreleased Lenny Kravitz-penned and -produced track for Jackson, leaked to the Internet via YouTube. Kravitz recently spoke on the leak, saying in a TwitVid posted yesterday that he’s not responsible for the clip, and that his full version “has been locked in a vault since we recorded it.”


In the 90-second clip, an unmixed rough version plays with a host or DJ talking over it. “Hey man. It’s your boy, Kells,” the man says as the intro begins. “And I’m here with my main man, DJ Ducky.” Kravitz denied the DJ’s involvement in the song, saying he “had nothing to do with the track.”

Jackson’s Sony BMG label has pulled all posts of the track off YouTube. As of press time, no plans to release Jackson’s unreleased work have been made, but Kravitz hopes his work will properly reach the masses soon.

“I’d like for you, the fans who love Michael, to be able to hear the track in its entirety,” the rock legend says in his video. “…the way Michael and I intended it to be.” –Brad Wete

Watch Lenny Kravitz’s TwitVid below: