Mcdonalds Hits The Road With Dollar Van Demos


McDonald’s is ringing in the New Year by partnering with popular New York-based Dollar Van Demos for a new series of rap-infused commercials.

The McDonald’s Dollar Menu at Breakfast commercials reenact Dollar Van Demos videos, which showcase talented musicians, emcees and comedians for passengers riding livery commuter vans. The difference is, in the new commercials performers are rapping about McDonald’s all-new Dollar Menu at Breakfast, with real Dollar Van Demo artists Joya Bravo and East New York emcee Wordspit.

“I was shocked, I was like, ‘Nah, you playin’,” says Wordspit, of when he first heard about McDonald’s’ collaboration with Dollar Van Demos. “Honestly, I didn’t believe it ’til we were going to start shootin’, and that’s when it finally dawned on me that everything was going down.”

The idea for Dollar Van Demos originated from the mind of Joe Revitte, who also directs and produces the videos, and created his own genre of music reality TV, which has been growing for nearly a year.

“You can catch the van at specific places along a bus route, but people get on the bus and expect to just get where they’re going quickly,” says Dollar Van Demo emcee Joya Bravo, who got her start with Dollar Van Demos after contacting Revitte via Twitter. “Instead of getting the average ride, they’ll get someone performing, and it’s like a little live concert on the bus, so a lot of times people don’t know what to make of it, but they always love it because it’s something different, it’s unexpected.”

The commercials will begin airing today (Jan. 4). ––Caroline Acosta