NBA Suspends Gilbert Arenas, Javaris Crittenton For Rest of Season

The NBA suspended Washington Wizards guards, Gilbert Arenas and Javaris Crittenton, for the remainder of the NBA season—without pay—on Wednesday (Jan. 27) as punishment for their widely publicized gun incident in December.

Arenas will be forfeiting about $147,200 per game, but had already been suspended indefinitely earlier this month. Crittenton will lose about $13,435 per game, or $510,530, from his $1.48 million salary.

According to ESPN, NBA commissioner David Stern handed down his disciplinary actions after meeting face-to-face with Arenas for the first time since all the gun controversy started.

Stern said he and players’ association director Billy Hunter will discuss ways to make his message even clearer.

“This is about the health and safety of our players and all players,” Stern said, “as well as our overall image of our players, and we’re going to make, I would guess, an even stronger statement on this subject than is being made by this penalty being announced today.”

Both Arenas and Crittenton have pleaded guilty to gun charges since the incident.

While Crittenton was fortunate enough to get a year of probation, Arenas may recieve a steeper sentence when he is handed down his punishment in court in late March.

According to reports, Arenas is likely to receive jail time. He faces up to five years, but prosecutors are recommending that he should serve no more than six months in jail.

Arenas is a three-time All-Star and once the face of the Wizards. Now the team will have to decide if they’ll keep him on the roster once his suspension ends.

“Bringing handguns into the workplace … is unacceptable. You can’t do it. You want your employees to feel safe, and we’re lucky that something worse or something serious didn’t come out of it,” team president Ernie Grunfeld told the PostStar. “I think the league has to send a very strong message. We have to send a very strong message also.”