Pardon the Introduction: Ke$ha

Pardon the Introduction: Ke$ha 

The singing/rapping Nashville native (by way of the Valley) born Kesha Rose Sebert has the No. 1 song in the country with “Tik Tok,” off her January debut Animal. And her name is pronounced KESH-ah.

Why the dollar sign in the name?

The dollar sign honestly originated because I was kinda trying to be ironic. I was really broke and I was on the Flo Rida song “Right Round” but I didn’t make any money on the song.

Why was that?

I walked into the studio one day––because Flo Rida was working with the same producer as me––and I kinda sat down and started singing along. He liked my voice and in five minutes he was just like, “Put it down.” I put [my vocals] down and he kept it. I guess he never found a new one to beat it and he liked it so much that we did another song for his last record called “Touch Me.”

I hope you got paid for that one.

No, I didn’t get paid for either but honestly it was just about the experience. So the whole dollar sign is just to be ironic and kind of like… I was just kinda making fun of myself that I was so broke and on the No. 1 song and it was being played everywhere all the time.

I noticed that it didn’t say “featuring Ke$ha." Did you go around saying, “Hey, that’s me”?

[Laughs] I’ve told a few people it was me.

What’s special about you and why should people pay attention?

My music style mixes a lot of different music styles, one of them being kind of a talky rap thing and because I am like a 22-year-old White girl from Nashville, it’s kind of interesting that people are taking so kindly to my rapping on songs. A lot of my records have a little bit of the sassy White girl happening.

Did you listen to rap a lot growing up?

I did, but I also listened to punk and country and electro. So I listened to really everything and I love rap and there are a lot of white rappers that inspired me, too, so I thought it was really interesting that somebody like the Beastie Boys or this guy named Mickey Avalon… it was just interesting how people responded to them. I thought it was cool. I'm just a sassy girl anyways. Kind of a sassy bitch, so I wanted to try it out on some tracks and it totally works.

How'd you start making music?

I got into making music ’cause my mom’s a songwriter. So I used to come home from school and we’d write songs together and she’d tell me how to write. In Nashville, your popularity is more dependent on the amount of music you play than anything else, so I just kept on writing, playing music and playing in different bands. I did a country thing with my brother and then I was in a punk thing for a minute and then I just decided to make this record.

And now you have the No. 1 song in the country.

Hell yeah!

Tell me about the album.

Every song is like a true story. I think it’s a really fun record. I think it’s gonna make people shake their ass. It has a little bit of sassiness to it. When I was writing it, I was really broke but still would look great and go out and have a good time and I think one of the themes of it is you don’t need money if you just own it. [The title track] is probably my favorite song. It just kinda talks about how we’re all animals and you need to connect with that side of yourself and really give into your instincts sometimes. If you just wanna go nuts, you should let yourself.

You must be a party girl then.

I mean, I’m not a party girl… I’ve definitely experienced a few good parties in my life [Laughs]. I’m just a walking good time. I think it’s really important to have fun no matter what you’re doing.

Where would we catch you on a Saturday night?

Oh man. It depends on where I am ’cause right now I’m on the road. You might catch me at a strip club or you might catch me at a jazz bar. You might catch me playing dodge ball or you might catch me in the jungle. I really never know.

What’s your fashion style?

I don’t know name brands. With my fashion, I like to just be comfortable. You don’t always have to be rocking 10-inch heels to be sexy. I think you can be sexy in a t-shirt so I just like to be confident, comfortable, and I don’t wear heels very much in case I have to run from the cops. –Clover Hope

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