Pepa Calls Her New Show “Black, reality version” of ‘Sex And The City’

After a four-year, self-imposed sexual and romantic sabbatical, Sandra “Pepa” Denton is back on the dating scene with VH1’s cameras in tow.

Titled Let’s Talk About Pep, the new original reality series finds Pep with three of her closest friends looking for love.

“After a couple seasons of The Salt N Pepa Show, the producers and I talked and we felt like there was another show that could be made with me,” says Pep of the show’s creation. “We just brainstormed about me being single. I wanted something different, something more.”

Joining Pep on this search for love––which debuts Jan. 11 at 10:30 p.m. EST––will be TV personality and journalist Jacque Reid, who’s entertaining the notion of trying motherhood alone until Mr. Right comes along; Joumana Kidd, former model and sports journalist, now returning to the dating scene after her highly publicized divorce from basketball star Jason Kidd; and the wild child of the bunch, voiceover artist and radio personality Kali Troy (also known as “Kittie”), on the hunt for someone man enough to keep up with her.

Now before the chatter starts about Pep going solo, know that Cheryl “Salt” Wray is an executive producer of Let’s Talk About Pep, along with Pepa.

“We wanted to evolve. She loved doing The Salt-N-Pepa Show,” states Pep. “We still perform together. We’re working on some new music and we’re almost finished with our next album.”

As for the show, Pep says it draws similarities to the hit HBO franchise Sex and the City, but for another audience.

“It’s similar to Sex and the City; it’s definitely the Black, reality version. Real lives, real issues, and real friends,” Pep says. “You’re going to see us date celebrities and regular guys. People that we really know.”

A veteran on the reality-show circuit, Pep has taken the knowledge and experiences she gained on other shows to elevate her life overall. “This business, it’s fickle and it’s hard. I was on The Surreal Life and Fame Games with everyone else.”

Pepa continues: “I am an entertainer. That’s what I do. I entertain! This is my lifestyle. I’ve been in this since I was a teenager. I wrote a book, Let’s Talk About Pep where I was able to share my story. I’m already an open book.” ––Jamal Munnerlyn