Rick Ross Repents, Eats Well, Mentions Nicki Minaj On ‘Mafia Music Pt. 2′

It’s amazing that the same Miami rhymer with shaky rap abilities but unabashed confidence who brought us “Hustlin’” has become a lyrical talent. On “Mafia Music Pt. 2,” his raps, as well as the tunes by The Omlypicks, are regal and lush. Over elegant chord progressions and a woman cooing under his vocals, Ross confesses his sins while stroking both his ego and his gun.


“Who sheds tears for a dope boy,” he asks on the introspective street single from his upcoming fourth album, Teflon Don. “Wonder what happens to the kids of a dope boy. Orphans, fuckin’ orphans. Born defendants, a nigga’s never been on offense.”

The Bawse also raps about potentially moving from his mansion to a jail cell: “We all go when we got go/My gloc hole bigger than Nicki Minaj camel toe.”

In an era where every rapper claims to have an album of move-like proportions on deck, Ross is one the few whose knack for imagery and quality soundtracking merit such description. Teflon Don’s a flick we’re looking forward to peeping. –Brad Wete