Sneak Peek: Raheem Devaughn’s ‘The Love & War MasterPeace’

With Raheem Devaughn’s The Love & War MasterPeace set for release on March 2, VIBE got an early listen. Setting the tone with the first single “Bulletproof,” the album is a funky mix of laidback relationship jams and sociopolitical undertones (Dr. Cornel West makes a cameo). Here are four tracks to check for.


? “The Greatness” – A light and summery joint in praise of good women, where Wale shows up to dote on a girl with “the grace of Alicia Keys” who “play the role of Michelle in my campaign.”

? “I Don’t Care” – Over lively handclaps, trumpets and drum rolls, Raheem croons about not giving a damn what anyone says about his relationship in this soulclap-worthy groove co-written by Ne-Yo.

? “Black and Blue” – Raheem takes a serious turn with a song about never resorting to hitting women, featuring squeaky guitar licks and introspective lyrics like, “Love ain’t makeup to cover your scars” and “Love ain’t leaving you blue and black/Love is a man who has your back.”

? “B.O.B.” – A clever acronym explains why the love of a man is better than, uh, artificial love. Imaginative and bold: “Bob can’t kiss those thighs… I can go harder than your Battery Operated Boyfriend.” —Clover Hope