Is a Third ‘Gremlins’ Film in the Works? In 3D?!

After the success of the 3D film Avatar, other filmmakers are trying to get their piece of the market share of the new film genre. Word around the net is that a third installment of the popular ’80s franchise Gremlins is in the works in 3D.

According to MTV’s Movies Blog, an anonymous tipster says a 3D release of Gremlins 3 is definitely in the works. No further details are known as this time.

MTV reached out director Joe Dante, who helmed the first two Gremlins films, and he hadn’t heard anything about the rumors.

“These things come up from time to time,” he said. “I don’t know of anything officially that’s going on.”

It’s either a rumor, the film is still in the early development stages, or Warner Bros. is moving along with the project without Dante. He did say, however, that he’d be opening to returning to the project for a third try.

Dante and Gremlins creator Chris Columbus told Empire Online last summer that there was discussion about a CGI-filled third movie, but it was a reboot and not a sequel. For now, we’ll have to wait and see.

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