V Style: Sean John’s Fall 2010 Line Starts A Fashion War

Most labels try to create a collection with one singular person in mind: the jet-setting playboy, the heroin-addled hipster, the modern minimalist… and the list goes on. For Fall 2010, Sean John unveiled a collection that’s a “rivalry” between three warring factions. Take sides below.


☞ The Blue Bloods (above) are Sean John’s interpretation of what boat-shoe sporting gentlemen behind gilded Ivy League gates are wearing.  Heavy on varsity jackets and plaid shirts, the Blue Bloods, “are the epitome of refinement and upper classicism.”


☞ In the other corner (of the showroom, literally) are the Crimsons. Just as their commie color would imply, they’re the utilitarian, industrial-inspired revolutionaries with worn-in denim and worker plaids.


☞ And like any good rivalry, there’s the offshoot vying for power. Team Noir is the black sheep of the group.  With a purple and black palette, the collection is the most refined of the three.

Which set are you riding with? ––Adrien Field

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