The Vibe Staff Grammy Winner Predictions

We’re only hours away from the world’s grandest music award show and anticipation is higher than Jim Jones. New history is inevitable. Underdogs will be learned and superstars affirmed. Everybody’s got their list of hopeful winners and predicted losers, including us. So it’s only right we share our picks with y’all. We had our staff and contributors individually select winners for each category relevant to Vibe. The majority pick for each award is the official Vibe prediction. Check out our winners and compare ‘em to yours.


RECORD OF THE YEAR: “I Gotta Feeling”, Blackeyed Peas

“Definitely the biggest song of the year, half a year on the charts at No. 1” – Clover Hope aka Clovito, Senior Editor



ALBUM OF THE YEAR: The Fame, Lady Gaga

“Lady Gaga is easily one of the most unique and talented artists to come around in a too long. She writes her own songs, has a style unlike anybody before her, and I think that the Grammy voters will recognize her for it.” – Jon Eiseman, Intern



SONG OF THE YEAR: “Single Ladies,” Beyonce

 “I agree with Kanye on this one. How many renditions of the song did people make? If she can make Justin Timberlake wear a unitard and get almost every woman to tell their man to put a ring on it, she’s alright with me”– Alexis W, Online Marketing Director




“MGMT was big for me in ’08 but I guess they’re finally getting their due.” – Adrien Field, Fashion Content Producer



BEST R&B SONG: “Pretty Wings”, Maxwell

 “This is the one song on the list that actually epitomizes R&B. Although I wish Jamie Foxx would win for “Blame It,” I don’t think the Grammy committee goes out enough to recognize the true beauty of that song.” – JFK, Deputy Editor


BEST R&B ALBUM: Blacksummers’ Night, Maxwell

“This was the most complete R&B album of 2009. Excuse me, it the most complete album that was nominated (The-Dream, anyone?)” – Brad Wete, Content Producer



BEST RAP SONG: “Best I Ever Had”, Drake

“Drake will do it off a mixtape. Sorry Jay…” – Mikey Fresh, Video Content Producer


BEST RAP ALBUM: The Renaissance, Q-Tip

“Raekwon’s Only Built 4 Cuban Linx 2 and Jay-Z’s Blueprint 3 just missed the Grammy’s Aug. 31 cut-off date. That left the mighty Mos and Tip. A ridiculously close contest, the former ATCQ frontman wins for a seriously slept-on work that has heart and skillful saavy, showing that hip hop’s not just a youngster’s game.” – Keith Murphy, Senior Editor