What About Your Friends: Behind Shawty Redd’s Murder Charge (Pg. 4)

“They were at Strokers and Damon was shooting pool and he got into it with some guy name Blue or something,” Squeak claims. “And Damon was yelling at him and Shawty went over to the pool table telling Damon to chill out and Damon was like, ‘How you gon’ tell me to chill out? I’m your man!’”

Also, tensions allegedly began to rise between the two over Martin’s financial situation. “It wasn’t really arguing but [money] was like an issue … just how [Damon] always helped him out in the beginning and in the end, he really didn’t have anything. He was calling on me and his mom to send him money out there, just to eat.”

It’s been widely reported in the media that Martin attended a New Year’s Eve party at Stewart’s mansion the night prior to his death, but according to Squeak, this is false.

“It wasn’t a party,” he says. “[Some of] the people who live with Shawty were at the house at midnight and they did a New Year’s Eve toast together. And then they all went out and Damon wanted to stay home. [A female friend of Damon] texted him close to 4 a.m. on New Year’s and he said that he was by himself in the house and everybody else had went out. The next day I got a call that Shawty Redd shot him.”

According to the Henry County Assistant District Attorney Trea Pipkin, five shots were fired, one hitting Martin in the back as he fled the house. Police recovered three guns and five shell casings at the scene.

Squeak says a mutual friend who was at the home shortly after the shooting called him the following day and relayed details of Martin’s final minutes.

“Damon was outside saying, ‘Help me! I’m getting cold, I’m dying! Please help me!’ And Shawty was supposedly just sitting on the porch smoking,” Squeak says, adding that Martin wound up dying in that friend’s arms.

According to ADA Pipkin, Stewart called police approximately 43 minutes after the shooting. “That in itself should be enough to show the court that this was a malicious act,” said Pipkin.

Squeak says that everyone who knew Martin and Stewart’s relationship remains frozen with shock and confusion. ––Linda Hobbs

In this video filmed in Shawty Redd’s home studio, the man narrating and holding the camera is the deceased, Damon Martin. The man sitting at the boards, is Beatz by Squeak. The man rapping is Hustleboy Tony Trice.

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