7 Things To Prevent Your Super Bowl Party From Being Lame (pg. 8)


Extra Point: Krups B90 BeerTender ($100; krupsonlinestore.com)
Normally, the rule here is BYOB. By our calculations, you’ve already spent about, um—carry the six, make that ten, add four—about six months worth of mortgage payments for four hours of NFL action. So it really shouldn’t be a big deal for one of your buddies to throw a couple cases of Heineken into his trunk. But, hey, since you are going for the all-out blitz here, make sure no one forgets your 2010 Super Bowl party by serving drinks from the Krups B90 BeerTender. It works with Heineken 5-liter DraughtKegs to help you deliver the perfect pour every time. After all, it ain’t a Super Bowl party if you aren’t rehydrating yourself at the office water cooler by 9:30 Monday morning, now is it?

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