8 Most Unintentionally Racist Moments (Pg. 3)


The Celebrity: Miley Cyrus

The Slipup: In a photo that leaked in February 2009, the Disney teenybopper was shown posing with a group of friends and pulling her eyes back to make herself look Asian.

The Reaction: Cyrus caught plenty of flack from the press and from the OCA, a group devoted to advancing the well-being of Asian Pacific Americans.

The Rating: 2 John Mayer Playboy interviews. Safe to say this photo was a pretty bad look for the “Party in the U.S.A.” singer, even if she was just being “goofy” as she said in her apology.




The Celebrity: Toby Keith

The Slipup: During a performance of “Rapper’s Delight” alongside Will Smith and Wyclef in Norway in December 2009 (yes, you read that right!), the country singer pulled back his eyes back (seeing a trend here?) when the Fresh Prince said the word “yellow.”

The Reaction: The OCA deferred to the Asian American Justice Center this time, who reprimanded Keith for his gesture and demanded an apology.

The Rating: 2.5 John Mayer Playboy interviews. So country stars should probably just start keeping their hands by their sides from now on, huh?

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