Ask a Vibe Editor….Every Night @ 7pm Live Ustream


Since we’re pulling late nights working on the next VIBE issue (Out 1st week of April. Cop That!) we figured why not answer some of your questions. Music Editor JFK, Senior Editor Clover, Managing Editor and EIC Jermaine select your questions from VIBE’s FormSpring and Twitter. If you got a good question, we’ll read and answer it on the air. Or if you just want to debate about who’s better Eminem or Drake; we’re all ears.

Just to help you out a bit, here are some of the questions we get OFTEN:

Do you take interns?


Are interns paid?


How can I apply to be an intern?

E-mail your resume and 3 clips (samples of your work) to [email protected]

How can I be featured in the magazine?

We reach out to the people we want to feature.

How can I write for the magazine?

Submit your pitches to [email protected]

There you have it. Now watch us make fools of ourselves.

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