Celebrities Quitting Twitter (Pg. 2)


MASHONDA (@mashondaloyal)
When She Joined:
When She Quit: December 2009
Final Tweet to Remember: “Kasseem Jr. , I know one day u might google us but I just want u to know there was always love. U were always #1. Ignore everything else. Happy Birthday. God Bless YOU!!”
What Happened: Mashonda has been locked in a love triangle for a while. First, she tweeted an open letter to Alicia Keys. Later, her still-husband Swizz Beatz posted a Twitpic of himself and Keys and called her his “boo.” The drama eventually became too much for Mashonda. Even in 140 characters or less, truth hurts.
Theory: DMX is involved in this somehow.


GILBERT ARENAS (@gilbertarenas)
When He Joined:
November 2009
When He Quit: January 2010
Final Tweet to Remember: “im around jokes like that all the time so i figured i can say them here if people take down there sensitivity bar a little.”
What Happened: Arenas was suspended for the remainder of the NBA season for his erratic behavior (maybe a little thing called Twitter?) following the Quick Draw McGraw incident in the locker room.
Theory: While it may seem like the NBA’s “commission” may have coerced Gilbert to shut down his account, that’s not completely true. Really, Agent Zero retired from Twitter after realizing he could never reach the two million-plus followers of @The_Real_Shaq.