Celebrities Quitting Twitter (Pg. 3)


KID CUDI (@kidcudi)
When He Joined
: May 2009
When He Quit: September 2009
Final Tweet to Remember: “sorry i havnt tweeted in a long ass time haaa been busy! cudi is busy 24/7 dayum. lemme fix my pageeee new backgroundd” (*Update: Since there were a bunch of fake Cudi accounts floating around, his final tweets are a mystery. Will the real Kid Cudi please stand up!)
What Happened: Fed up with the excess access, Mr. Solo Dolo felt like he’d been giving away too much info on his blogs and on Twitter, so he hit Alt, Ctrl, Delete.
Theory: The Kid just needed some time to be alone with his thoughts. In emo speak: Some things are just for self.


MILEY CYRUS (@mileycyrus)
When She Joined:
March 2009
When She Quit: October 2009
Final Tweet to Remember: “FYI Liam doesn’t have a Twitter and he wants ME to delete mine with good reason”
What Happened: Apparently, Miley’s Australian actor-boyfriend Liam Hemsworth told her she should delete her account and Miley obliged. The Disney star later spit a rhyme explaining her departure: “I want my private life private/I’m living for me.”
Theory: That wasn’t really Miley tweeting, silly. It was her alter ego Hannah Montana! Maybe you were confused because they look exactly the same. No longer able to keep up the façade, “Miley” quit and blamed it on her boyfriend. Can’t fool us!