Craig Robinson Doesn't Mind Being the Token Black Guy (Pg. 2)

How do you pick a role like that? Are you in a position where you can be picky or do you take anything that comes along?
It’s a little bit of both. We turned down a few roles this year. But I’m blessed when it comes to choosing the roles and picking up jobs.

Well your journey is a little bit different. You didn’t take the BET Comic View road, and you didn’t go with the Saturday Night Live school. If anything people would put you in the [director] Judd Apatow school. Has that worked to your advantage?
Working with Judd Apatow and friends really cut my teeth on how to make a movie; like as a director. It was just let the cameras roll; a lot of improvising. They were just fishing stuff out. With Knocked Up, the bouncer role, I improvised a lot. The first half of the scene is written dialogue and the second half of the scene was improvising.

What is that like for you though to be in these situations where basically you are the only black guy? Do you ever feel like you’ve got to put on so to speak?
Naw, I just go in and do the work. It’s funny you say that ‘cause [in Hot Tub Time Machine] Chevy Chase said he didn’t realize my character was black until page 90. My manager has always sent me in for roles no matter what it says. It could have said white guy, blonde hair, blue eyes and my manager would have sent me in anyway. He’s always been that kind of dude and as far as me being the only cat on set. Obviously I can think about it and sometimes I might be in a place where words reflect out. Like one character is saying their line, another character says their line, and then here comes all the curse words in my lines. If anything that’s the only way I’ve seen it reflected so to speak.


Has there ever been a role or script for your character that you saw that was uncomfortable?
There was one scene in Eastbound & Down. It was a line that said, “I don’t give a F about Jesus and I’m like ‘Naw I can’t say that.’” I had to switch that up. But then you have improv and no worries. I pretty much roll with the punches.

When you do your standup, what’s the difference for you between performing in front of black audiences and white audiences?
Black audiences got a cousin or somebody who can do what you’re doing. You better come with it. Not to mention they might have more than one job, it’s still money on that ticket. If you don’t come bringing it then they’re going to let you hear about it. Every other audience is kind of laid back and goes in for the ride. Black people do as well although they challenge you more.

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Cardi B Gets Driving Lesson, Performs For Senior Citizens During 'Carpool Karaoke' Segment

Cardi B was the latest guest on James Corden's Late Late Show segment, "Carpool Karaoke," and as expected, it was a helluva time.

The Grammy nominee ran through some of her hits with Corden, such as "Bodak Yellow," "Money," "Be Careful" and more. She discussed her transition from stripper to MC, which Corden attributed to "grinding and hustling for a long time.”

“A lot of these deejays was sleepin’ on me… they was frontin’ on the kid!” Cardi exclaimed. Cardi also discussed her childhood growing up in the Bronx, which included keeping a razor blade in her cheek just in case some crazy sh*t goes down, as well as her affinity for ASMR videos. She also performed at a senior citizens' home at the end of the clip to a rousing response.

Perhaps the best part of the segment was her attempt to drive. Facilitated by a conversation in which the two discussed her five luxury cars, Cardi hit a few cones and flags while trying to maneuver in and out during a lesson. She said that the car (a Range Rover) was a bit big for her, but her lack of driving skills period resulted in her hitting a camera during her attempt at parallel parking.

“I couldn’t rap about these cars because I didn’t own them,” she laughed before adding, "[Driving] is scary.”

Watch the entire segment above.

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Cardi B and Offset appear at New York Fashion Week: The Shows in February 2018.
Getty Images

Offset's Father Calls Out Cardi B In Lengthy Post Defending Son

Offset's father Tony has had enough of the family drama between his rapper son and his estranged wife, Cardi B. On Facebook, Mr. Cephus wrote a lengthy post about the devastating effects fame and spotlight have had on his family.

“Right now, my family is going through a tumultuous time,” he wrote in a group for the brothers of the Alpha Phi Alpha and Alpha Kappa Alpha fraternities. “What you see in the media is only the tip of the iceberg. Social media is a powerful tool, but certainly no place for family situations; however, our youth, specifically my son’s wife doesn’t understand that. She seems to want to take everything to social media without regard to the devastation it has on others, past present and future or specifically what it does to the other children.”

While Mr. Cephus admits that his son has done his "fair share of dirt" and isn't innocent in the recent divorce situation, he says the "whole scenario is a never-ending drama session." He also calls out Cardi for posting a picture of Baby Kulture "out of spite," going against the wishes of Offset and the family.

"It's a tic for tack, mudslinging situation fueled by jealousy, envy, insecurities, psychological issues, drugs, etc, etc, etc," he continued. “While he ain’t perfect, he is mine and as a parent I have a duty to protect him. Right now, I cannot do that."

Offset made headlines over the weekend for hijacking Cardi's headlining set at the Rolling Loud Festival in an effort to win her back; the "Money" MC stated she and Offset were separating in early-December.

"We are talking about a 25-year-old with an unlimited supply of money, women chasing him, people at his disposal, etc.," Offset's father continued. "My whole family is in an uproar right now and I can’t fix it. I would not wish this on anyone. I would give anything to go back to simply being a school teacher and coach.”

Read his entire post below.


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Maroon 5 Scrambling To Find Guest Performers For Super Bowl Halftime Show

Between the NFL’s stance on the National Anthem and the league’s treatment of Colin Kaepernick, performing at the Super Bowl halftime show clearly isn’t as alluring as it used to be.

Maroon 5 has reportedly been scrambling to finding someone to share the stage with them at the Super Bowl LIII halftime show in Atlanta next month, but it’s not for lack of trying. The band is having trouble pinning down special guests because, “No one wants to associate themselves with the NFL,” US Weekly reports.

Cardi B,  who collaborated with the Maroon 5 on the hit single “Girls Like You,”  mulled it over, but ultimately turned down the Super Bowl invitation.

“It’s a no right now,” a source told the outlet of Cardi’s decision.

Andre 3000 and Mary J. Blige were approached to perform as well, per a Variety report. Blige was unable to commit due to scheduling issues. Other alleged names being tossed around include Usher, Lauryn Hill, Nicki Minaj, and Madonna.

Since Atlanta is a virtual hotbed of Black artists who were seemingly overlooked to headline the show, focusing on local talent might be Maroon 5’s safest bet. According to Variety, Migos and Lil Yachty could be in the running to fill the empty spot.

The NFL has yet to officially announce Maroon 5 as the halftime act. Meanwhile, a petition calling for the band to drop out of the show has received nearly 75,000 signatures.

Super Bowl LIII goes down Feb. 3, 2019, at Atlanta’s Mercedes-Benz Stadium.

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