Craig Robinson Doesn’t Mind Being the Token Black Guy (Pg. 3)

Before you were a comedian, you were a teacher. Talk about that a little bit.

Yeah. In Chicago and Indiana. I taught kindergarten through 8th grade. I taught music.

Did that help you as a comedian, being in front of a room full of kids?

It would actually, because I would really try to give them comedy when I was teaching. By that time I started hitting the clubs; teach, do my thing, do an after school program and then hit the comedy clubs at night. I remember using the kids as my test subjects because I needed to be in front of an audience. So I would sit up there and tell the kids jokes and then one particular class, we would play the dozens and have sessions. You know the kids are coming after the teacher and so I would come right back at them. So it was fun man. It was actually a great.

You taught music, and a lot comedy heads know you from “Somebody’s F’n My Lady” the satirical R&B song you sing and play piano on. When you put your act together, how big of a role does music play?

The keyboard is my partner. It’s like if it was another person on stage.

 Watch Craig Robinson perform “Somebody’s F’n My Lady”

So kind of like a Jamie Foxx thing.

Absolutely. Jamie broke the door down. So I’m going to walk through it. My band is called the Nasty Delicious, Craig Robinson and the Nasty Delicious. It’s like some jazz, house, R&B kind of thing. It’s really special man and my players are crazy good.

What works better with the ladies, the singing or the comedy?

Well, let me see. It’s definitely a mixture because whether they want it or not, they’re getting’ both from me. I can’t tell you though because I’m still figuring out the key to the panty dropping.

Have you had panties thrown at you on a stage yet?

Oh, absolutely yes. I’ve seen plenty take their panties off.  It probably happens 17 percent of the time.

That’s a good number. What else do you like about being famous or known? Do you ever miss teaching?

The best thing is that you’re everybody’s friend, definitely. People come up to you when you’re on the plane or at the airport, in the car, or at the grocery store. People want to show you their love. I do miss the old days. I took the kids on choir trips because most of them were in the choir; it was a lot of fun. But for the most part, I’m a move on kind of guy. I like to move to the next thing.

Comedians seem to be able to do a little bit of everything, and you have music. Where do you want all of this to take you?

It’s a ticket around the world you know already. One place I hope it takes me is the casino [laughs], but I really enjoy the ride. I just kind of put it out there to the universe that this is something of my scene. When I met and worked with Tyler Perry, I remember looking at a Jet Magazine probably six months prior and saying, ‘I need to hook up with him.’ And then bam! I’m rehearsing for Daddy’s Little Girls. I love not forcing things and just kind of letting things happen. It’s just something that grabs my consciousness.

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