E-40 Plans To Hit Fans ‘With An Overdose’


E-40 recently announced that he’s dropping two albums on the same date: March 30. The Bay Area rapper’s next pair of studio albums, Revenue Retrievin’ Day Shift and Revenue Retrievin’ Night Shift will each feature 19 tracks. And the concept is simple: Day Shift songs are best played before sundown, while Night Shift is the more upbeat soundtrack for nighttime exploits.

“I haven’t had an album out for several years so I just felt like I owe it to my fans to hit ’em with an overdose of good music,” E-40 tells VIBE. His last album was 2008’s Ball Street Journal. “Instead of just sitting on this good music, on the computer, let’s put it out there so people can get more bang for their buck. People giving away albums for free nowadays.”

Producers on the two albums include E-40’s son, Droop-E, who “produced about 40 percent of both albums,” says 40, as well as Rick Rock and Willie Will. Guests include fellow Cali dwellers Snoop Dogg, Ya Boy, Too Short (on the recently leaked “Show Me What You Working Wit”), Clyde Carson and Turf Talk.

As for new blood like Nipsey Hussle and The New Boyz, who’ve been holding it down for the West Coast, E-40 says he’s still soaking in their music.

“I got respect and all that for them but I just didn’t catch ’em on this [album]. In the future I would like to work with more L.A. artists,” he says. “I don’t get inspired by too many people because I like uniqueness. I’m a unique dude. I respect cats that can rap and everything, but the artist that inspires me is Turf Talk. He’s my favorite artist in the rap game overall, over everybody.” —Clover Hope

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