The Eldrick Woods Relationship Blog: Jay-Z and Beyonce Still Not Like Us


One day, Beyoncé and Jay-Z are going to understand the significance of their marriage. And one day the general public will do the same.

Look at the statistics, people. Black love is in dire straights. Successful black women are more alone than ever. Successful black men keep getting more women than ever. The cycle is ongoing. We keep missing each other, yet in the midst of it all we have this power couple. Two of the most famous and successful black people in the world are together, and not just dating, but married to one another forever (ever!?).

We have Will and Jada Pinket-Smith, and of course, we have the Obamas. But Jay-Z and Beyoncé are different. As individuals, they’ve rose to heights of success rarely seen before, but as a married couple, can anyone argue their vows have only helped them gain more success? So, it was only a matter of time before one of them would thank the other during an acceptance speech at an award show.

When Beyonce said, “I want to thank my husband, I love you,” many people on my Twitterfeed acted like she said nothing significant at all. But it was significant and telling.

Now it’s not like Beyoncé said, “I have the cure for cancer and it’s in my dressing room.” I understand in the grand scheme of things, Beyoncé’s acceptance speech was at most, a drop in the bucket. But it’s time the both of them started doing more things like this because in real life, their rules of secrecy don’t apply to any of us.

No man or woman can accept an award for anything, not even an MVP softball league trophy, and get away with not thanking his or her spouse. Even if I claim to be a “private person”, my woman would never accept a mere kiss on the cheek as she made her way up to a podium. Black love amongst us normal folk is so rarely seen that if we have the opportunity to see examples of it under the Hollywood lights, it should be shown in all its glory. Especially when we know, if the situation was different and a couple like Jay and Bey were falling apart, pictures of that right there would be plastered everywhere.

As celebrities, I understand Beyonce and Jay-Z subscribe to a different code. But if they expect people to buy into the authenticity of their art, they must be willing to demonstrate the authenticity of their marriage to some capacity. Like it or not, Beyonce and Jay-Z are a black couple. Take away the award shows, their accomplishments, and all their riches, and they’re just like you and me. Well, kind of. They’re married and according to the statistics, most of us aren’t. – Jozen Cummings



Jozen Cummings is the Special Projects Editor of and hosts his own blog, Until I Get Married.