Erykah Badu Twitters Her Way to Lenny Kravitz, Paul McCartney


Last night Twitter saved a new Erykah Badu song off of her upcoming New Amerykah Part Two (Return of the Ankh) from hitting the cutting room floor.

Wednesday (Feb. 24) started a 24-hour deadline the neo-soul star had to clear a Paul McCartney sample the unnamed track features. Not having a specific contact for the legendary Beatle, Badu took to her Twitter page to ask her 91,000 followers for some assistance.

Her strategy was to first hit renowned rocker Lenny Kravitz, who apparently knows McCartney’s daughter, Stella. Then hopefully get in touch with the man himself.

“See the deal is I’m trying to clear a Paul McCartney sample,” Badu tweeted her followers. “And I hear Lenny knows his daughter Stella and maybe I can connect with her.”

Her search led her to Mathieu Bitton, who is in Lenny Kravitz’s camp.

“I am with Lenny, he wrote to Badu. “If it’s really you, follow me. Then [Direct Message] me. I’ll connect you.”

Badu did just that and he kept his word. It worked. A few hours later, Badu’s mission was complete. Kravitz hooked her up with Sir Paul.

“Paul McCartney approved the sample,” she exclaimed. “Cleared!!!”

“I want to officially thank my Twitter fam for helping me to clear my Paul McCartney sample,” Badu followed. “We kick ass! ‘Put it in the universe’ has new meaning.” —Brad Wete