Foxy Brown Calls Herself And Ron Browz ‘2010’s Bonnie & Clyde’


Ron Browz may be a name many believed would stay behind in 2009, but Harlem’s Ether Boy is pedaling forward with a surprise female by his side—none other than Brooklyn’s own Foxy Brown.

The two were snapped two weeks ago inside Wyclef’s studio, Platinum Sounds, working on their recently released collabo, “Ride Ya Bike (She’s A Biker),” Browz’s first single since May’s “Gimme 20 Dollars.” The 27-year-old rapper/producer says he and Brown met for the first time while in JFK airport this past April and shared an instant connection.

“The chemistry was really cool. It felt like we had already known each other. So when we exchanged numbers and I called her, it was no problem for me to say, ‘Foxy I need you on this record,’” Browz told VIBE. “Artists like her who haven’t been out in a while are usually picky, but she was just like, ‘You seem cool, let’s get it done.’”


That same positive energy persisted during the recording of “Ride Ya Bike,” which premiered on Hot 97 last weekend before surfacing on the Web on Wednesday (Feb. 24). “As soon as Foxy got in the studio, took her jacket off and I played the record, she was like ‘This is hot, give me a pen!’” said Browz. “It was like a little party.”

The fun even went so far as to spark Brown’s memories of her golden days with another New York rapper. “Yesterday, she told me this song reminds her of ‘Ain’t No Nigga’ with Jay-Z. She was like, ‘I feel like it’s 1996 again. We’re the 2010 Bonnie and Clyde, so we’re just going to do mad records.’” 

Though many artists might feel humbly unmerited to such a compliment, Browz viewed it as a reaffirmation of his talent. “When artists that big believe in me, it just gives me more ammunition to do what I do. ’Cause it’s from people who love hip-hop, that embrace it. They don’t care if it’s AutoTuned, they don’t care if it’s not. As long as it’s dope or fresh, they’re with it. And that’s what she’s on. We speak everyday now and hang out. The vibe is there.” 

Browz also added that his album, scheduled for a spring release and distributed independently through Ether Boy Records, will either be titled The Club King or, per Brown’s suggestion, Harlem’s Don. —Tracy Garraud