Game Recognize Game: Michael Vick or Tiger Woods, Who’s The Bigger Culprit?


Quick now, what’ s the ironic and social significance in reports Tiger Woods will leave sex rehab during the same week Michael Vick’s new docudrama made its idiot box debut?

Well, okay, maybe none at all, but it does raise at least one burning question bandied about here in G.R.G Nation. With codes and honors among posses and entourages being what they are, who do you suffered the greater shaft Tiger or Vick?

The unspoken law is that when it comes to the preservation of the empire, the emperor himself, the minions are to do whatever needs to be done to keep things afloat. It’s the price you pay for otherwise living the high-life on the regular.

Yet when it came to Vick and Woods, signals somehow got twisted. No less than four crew members, some of them family even, flipped on Vick, eventually connecting all the dots for law enforcement in the bustup of a dog-fighting ring the NFL star once bankrolled that ultimately led to his loss of freedom and celebrity lifestyle.

In Woods case, every female to so much as garner a second look from the world’s most recognizable athlete was willing to snitch and squeal about it. And it’s not as if all the requisite difference maker’s weren’t attended to. Woods is reported to have been doling out hush money to the tune of $5,000 monthly to his many paramours, while riding Vick meant for both housing and excess cheddar .

So, back to the question at hand, which man suffered the greater transgression? And understand this in no way is meant to absolve either of the wrongs each of them committed. But, in respect to the warped paradigm that made for the lifestyle each of them was leading, perhaps they too have cause to feel a level of abandonment.

And do two wrongs ever really make a right? —Glenn Minnis