Game Recognize Game: Superbowl Bowl Buzz Kill


The people of New Orleans are living on adrenaline in the wake of the Saints’ rousing come-from-behind Super Bowl victory over the overmatched, undermanned Indianapolis Colts. But what happens if and when the thrill is gone?

No, this isn’t the opening for a hating diatribe against N’awlins’ own. I’ll forever be gleefully joined at the hip with them in rejoicing over all the memories of Super Bowl XLIV. But recognize my question may be far closer to becoming a painful part of sports fans’ everyday existences than either you or I may care to admit.

Warring union factions for both NFL and NBA leaders are now locked in the throes of ongoing labor disputes over revenue-sharing streams that could render arenas in both leagues locked and barred come around this time 2011.

“On a scale of 1 to 10, the chances of there being a lockout is 14,” NFL Players Association executive director DeMaurice Smith told ESPN only hours before Drew Brees and company were crowned league champs. Even more recently, Orlando Magic reserve center and NBA players association vice Adonal Foyle termed owner’s latest collective bargaining agreement proposal “ludicrous.”

Clearly, the lines are already being drawn in the sand. Does anyone at all still think of the fans in this? These days, with the national unemployment rate consistently averaging in double digits, the last place most the masses wants to find itself is wading through all the cluttering baggage of feuding millionaires.

For outside the games themselves and/or their favorite teams, not even most diehards have much to cheer for these days, perhaps hence the record setting 106 millions TV viewers that eagerly chose to bear witness to the magic of the Saints.

So savor the aftertaste of an epic Superbowl showdown, for it may not last long. —Glenn Minnis