Game Recognize Game: Why Would Kobe Host A Party With Topless Women?


Remember how hard it was for Kobe Bryant to regain any favor at all following his self- inflicted FAIL down in Colorado? Yeah, yeah, I know some of you have never quite gotten to that point.

Which all the more begs the question of why arguably the league’s biggest star would use one of its most prime time stages to allow his name to be attached to such a potentially dark and disastrous episode.

Bryant’s name is now being featured front and center on a flier celebrating him as the host of a party thrown by Show magazine during this weekend’s NBA All-Star Game festivities in Dallas that will feature a bevy of topless and scantily clad women as greeters. Party officials insist not only will Kobe be in the house, he has has signed a contract and will be paid a fee for his time and services.

And I, in the name of Stephen Jackson, Warren Sapp or even Tiger Woods, can’t remotely begin to fathom why. We all know Tiger’s plight when it comes to such a tawdry demographic, but for those of you yet wondering, Jackson was just cleared by Las Vegas police of abuse allegations lodged against him by a former girlfriend and Sapp remains in the midst of vociferously fighting similar charges that have already led to his arrest.

My question to Bryant is, given all you’ve come through why even remotely put yourself in the position to again become a target? The hope here is Kobe truly learned his lesson as his life flashed before his eyes in that Colorado courtroom, I just wish that part of his awakening would have come with the understanding it’s always better to be safe than sorry. —Glenn Minnis