The Goods: Another Reason to Get Verizon FiOS?


There’s nothing particularly new about turning your cell phone into a remote control. For your TV, for your computer, for your stereo… But few cell phone remote apps work as seamlessly as the brand-new Verizon FiOS remote app, which is now available on the Motorola Droid and HTC Imagio. By downloading the app and syncing it with your FiOS box through your WiFi network (not as complicated as it sounds), you can control the channels on your TV, see your favorite channels and even send photos directly from your cell phone to your TV screen. Currently, it’s only available on the two phones listed above, but it’ll compatible on other Android phones in the future, too. Not exactly a deal-breaker when it comes to buy or not buying a new cell/switching to FiOS, but definitely worth a second look if you’re already holding one of these phones and FiOS. Start clicking. —Chris Yuscavage

For a quick demo (or just to help you figure out how to set it all up), check out this demo: