The Goods: Apple Selling TV Shows on iTunes For Cheap?

That’s right, folks. More news about the iPad! The Wall Street Journal is reporting that Apple is in talks with several television networks to drop the price of downloading television shows from the current price of $1.99 down to $0.99.  They’re already testing out the new price on a select group of shows (though, from the looks of those shows, they’re not really any of the ones we’re checking for) and could drop the price permanently once the iPad is introduced in order to entice more people to buy it. Currently, Apple sells standard-def programming for $1.99 an episode and $2.99 for an episode in high-definition. They also offer entire seasons of certain shows in high-def for about $50, which is high considering you can swipe the DVD set of most shows for that price. If they do decide to fix that, Apple could become a serious player and make your DVD player (and DVR, for that matter) a thing of the past.—Chris Yuscavage

Here’s the official iPad YouTube video that we never got around to posting for some reason, too:

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