The Goods: The Best New Fitted Hat Company


Good news, baseball fans: Spring is here! So while the rest of us are still digging ourselves out from all the snow that’s the country this year (and are we really hearing that more is on the way?!), you’re chilling down in Clearwater or Port St. Lucie or Fort Myers catching a tan and laughing at the weather reports from back home…

Fortunately, we don’t have to actually be at camp to look like we belong there, though. That’s because fitted cap designers Jason Klein and Casey White from The Clink Room just released their latest limited-edition Minor League fitted. This one is based on their design for the Clearwater Threshers, a Minor League Baseball team affiliated with the Philadelphia Phillies. If you’re not familiar with The Clink Room or Plan B Branding, they sell Minor League caps that are basically impossible to find anywhere because, well, you’re copping the caps directly from the designers. And most of the designs on ‘em aren’t the actual designs used on the final hats so you’re basically getting a hat that you’re not gonna see anywhere else.

Even if you’re not interested in this particular cap, though, The Clink Room is the look if you’re that dude outta your crew that loves fitteds. Between the contests they run for cap designs and the inside looks they give into their creative process, it’s definitely near the top of the hat game.—Chris Yuscavage