The Goods: Can’t Wait For 3D? Get This Monitor Now


You’re not tired of hearing about 3D this and 3D that already, are you?! Now that Avatar has officially made more than 2 billion (billion, people!) dollars at the box office, it’s time to just accept the fact that, sometime soon, you’re gonna have to decide between regular TVs and 3D TVs. For now, it’s pretty much still all speculation, though, as the first 3D TVs won’t be rolled out until later this year. That said, computer company Acer is ready to launch their 23-inch GD235HZ LCD monitor, which makes up for its crappy name with a bunch of cool features, including the ability to playback 3D movies and video games. Of course, the problem is that, well, there’s not much in terms of 3D programming or movies yet. And you have to throw down $200 on top of the $400 for the monitor in order to get NVIDIA’s 3D Vision glasses to actually watch anything in 3D. But, hey, it’s the first sign that 3D really is coming. Will you be watching? If so, head on over to Amazon now. —Chris Yuscavage

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