The Goods: Casio G-Shock x Clipse


Fresh off the success of the “Haitian Jack” T-Shirt for Haiti Relief, Clipse’s fashion line Play Cloths recently announced that they’re teaming up with Casio for a super limited-edition G-Shock DW-6900 watch as part of G-Shock’s Spring 2010 collection. Much like other Casio G-Shock collabos, there’s nothing here that really distinguishes the Play Cloths watch from others in the line, save for a small PC logo near the top of the watch. But for those that are interested, it comes in a red colorway with a black-and-white stripe running down the middle of the strap. No word on price yet or the number that will be put up for sale for the public. But it will be available sometime in early March over here. —Chris Yuscavage