The Goods: A Dope E-Reader Not Named Kindle

Admittedly, we were a little more excited late last year when news about the new iRex DR800SG started making the rounds on the ‘net. With an 8.1-inch touchscreen, 3G wireless connectivity through Verizon, a partnership with Barnes & Noble that permits access to more than 750,000 book titles and a deal with Best Buy making it available at their stores, it looked like the next great read. Since that time, the Consumer Electronics Show in January featured a ton of equally-impressive e-readers and Apple announced a little invention called the iPad. So while our excitement about the latest iRex product isn’t exactly going through the roof these days, it is good to see that they’re finally releasing the product to the public. Seemingly out of nowhere (I just so happened to be perusing the iRex site last night and noticed that its availability was still TBD—yes, I know, an exciting Wednesday night for me!), Best Buy added the digital reader to their site today. It’s going for a hefty $399.99, which is more than Barnes & Noble’s other e-reader, the Nook, and just a Benjamin less than the iPad, which should hit stores next month. Still, it’s worth a try the next time you’re cruising through Best Buy if you’re in the market for one. —Chris Yuscavage

Peep a demonstration of the iRex DR800SG here: