The Goods: HBO Is Gunning For Hulu


Still haven’t seen the last episode of The Sopranos? Itching the see Season 3 of The Wire? Wish HBO On-Demand let you do it? Your prayers are answered with HBO GO, a new online service offered to HBO subscribers that lets you catch anything that you’d normally see on HBO—and a whole lot more. Thanks to the recession—not to mention services like Hulu that offer more TV programming than you could possibly ever watch—HBO is making the move in an effort to keep current subscribers and hopefully bring in new ones. HBO GO will feature about three times as much programming as HBO On-Demand, too, meaning you won’t be stuck watching the same eight or nine episodes of a series every month like you do now. So if you’re looking for yet another way to change the way you watch TV, check out HBO GO over here now. —Chris Yuscavage