The Goods: How to Turn Your iPod Touch into a GPS


Unlike the iPhone, the iPod Touch doesn’t come equipped with GPS. Thanks to a host of apps, you’ve always had the ability to buy one, but until now, it didn’t make much sense to. After all, it’s not like you could post your iPod up in a place in your ride that’s convenient enough to use it for directions. Not until now, at least. Dual Electronics is set to release their XGPS300 navigation cradle for the iPod Touch. The XGPS300 comes equipped with a free NavAtlas navigation app and an adjustable windshield mount for your Touch that includes a built-in speaker and a USB port to charge your iPod Touch as it helps you get around. The only real problem is that the XGPS300 is set to retail for about $180, which is relatively expensive when you consider that you can get a decent GPS unit today for significantly less. But if you really wanna make the most of your Touch, you can find the XGPS300 in stores in late February. —Chris Yuscavage

Watch this video (that’s actually way more entertaining than you’d think it would be) to see exactly how the XGPS300 works:

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