The Goods: Just When You Thought Ringtones Couldn’t Get Anymore Annoying…


Ringtones, ring backs, ring back tones… We were kinda under the impression that we were finished with that era, no? Well, looks like we were wrong. There’s a new company called Vringo that’s essentially taking ringtones to the next level (bet you didn’t think you’d ever hear that, huh?). Rather than let you set the ring tone that you’d like to play when someone calls, Vringo allows you to call someone and choose what song you want to play. Plus, you can choose a video either from the Vringo stash or your own archive to help announce your call. The good part, of course, is that you can’t just call anyone and use Vringo. It’s being marketed as a social way to enjoy ringtones so both you and the person you’re calling have to have Vringo on your phone for it to work. If you’re the sort of person that’s still into these kinda things, check over here to see if your phone is capable of handling Vringo. Just don’t say we didn’t warn you… —Chris Yuscavage

Still don’t get it? Watch this video to find out how Vringo works: