The Goods: Peep the New SlingPlayer Mobile App


AT&T has finally lost the battle against Sling Media. Or, at least, they’ve finally given in and compromised. For months now, you’ve been able to use SlingPlayer Mobile on your Blackberry or other mobile device to stream video from your home cable or satellite connection over AT&T’s 3G network. But you haven’t been able to do the same on your iPhone (though you could use the SP app, you couldn’t do so over 3G). It looks like the two sides came to an agreement, though, because Sling finally rolled out their new 3G-capable SlingPlayer Mobile app on Monday, which allows iPhone users to stream their video over the 3G network, too. If you’re rolling with the iPhone and don’t mind forking over $29.99 for the new SlingPlayer app (plus an additional fee for a Slingbox that you’ll need to hook up to your TV at home if you don’t have one already), you can access streaming video and control your DVR right from the palm of your hands (almost) anywhere you go. And that’s definitely a good look.—Chris Yuscavage

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