The Goods: PlayStation 3’s Heavy Rain Changes the Game


Plenty of video games promise they’ll change your world when you pop them into your console. But very few offer you the chance to change theirs. The PlayStation 3 exclusive Heavy Rain, which was released on Tuesday, is a rare exception. Rather than have a planned-out storyline that you follow during the course of the game, you have the opportunity to essentially write the final chapter in this one. That’s because the plot to Heavy Rain changes every time you make a move. Essentially, you start out the game as a guy looking for his son who has been kidnapped by a serial killer. But once you take your first step, you get to experience exactly what he does. Key characters die at inopportune times, entire scenes look different than they should and you may even finish the game and get a different result than you might expect. And it’s all because of your actions and not just because the game is programmed for it to happen. Overall, Heavy Rain delivers where other games with similar intentions have failed: It doesn’t just put the controller in your hand—it actually lets you control the game.—Chris Yuscavage


See the dope trailer for Heavy Rain below: