The Goods: Skype (Finally) Coming to Your BlackBerry


Skype coming to your BlackBerry has been a little like Detox coming to your local Best Buy for the last few years. Skype announces it, everything looks like it’s in place and then—Bam!—you turn on your phone one day… and Skype still isn’t there. Sounds like that’s finally all over now. Yesterday, Skype announced that it will be available on a host of BlackBerry options that use Verizon’s 3G network. By opting for an unlimited data plan, you will automatically have access to Skype and be able to call any U.S. Skype user using the 3G network. You can also use it to call international Skype users, though (surprise, surprise), there will be a fee for that. You can IM your fellow Skypers, just in case they fail to hit you back via text, BBM, AIM, email or (gasp!) a phone call. There’s still apparently a few details to iron out, such as how current BlackBerry users can actually obtain Skype on their phones, but expect them all to be settled when Skype is made available on the phones next month. The BlackBerry devices that’ll be able to use Skype include the Storm 9530, Storm 2, Tour 9630 and 8830 World Edition and Android devices like the Droid, Droid Eris and Motorola Devour will also be able to use it. Finally!—Chris Yuscavage

This story is also kinda funny ’cause just ran up on the good folks at Skype at Mobile World Congress 2010 in Barcelona yesterday demanding some answers about when Skype was coming to BlackBerry. Like, straight ambushed this dude. Ha! Check out the video here: