The Goods: What The Heck Is Google Buzz, Anyway?


Stop complaining about the new Facebook layout for two seconds and listen up: Google is entering the social networking game. Essentially, if you’ve got a Google profile and a Gmail account, you can start using their new service called Google Buzz that helps you tell the world where you’re at, what you’re doing there and what you think about it. It’s a little hard to put into words, but thankfully, the good (and rich) folks over at Google put together the video below to help explain how Buzz works. Is it a game-changer? Probably not. But then again, they said that about Twitter (if you’re not already, follow me at @Scav30) and, uh, yeah… look at how that turned out. If you’re interested in giving Buzz a try, click here. Let us know what you think about it. —Chris Yuscavage