The Goods: The World’s First GPS-Enabled Ski Goggles


It certainly isn’t because of the disappointing opening ceremony for the Winter Olympics on Friday night, but we’ve got the Olympic spirit right now. It’s one of the reasons these new Zeal Optics Transcend ski goggles caught our eye this weekend. They’re the first ski goggles that come equipped with built-in GPS and also feature information on the altitude, speed and temperature if you ever find yourself on the top of a snowy mountain. It doesn’t stop there, though. Zeal Optics is also building in a bunch of other cool features, including caller ID, text message display, music controls and even a camera that will let you record your rides. Too much stuffed into one pair of goggles? Probably. But they’ve already got us looking forward to next winter, because Zeal Optics won’t actually be releasing these to the streets (and the slopes) until October. They’re available for preorder now, though, starting at $350 a pop over here. –Chris Yuscavage


Peep a demo video on the Zeal Optics goggles here:

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