The Goods: Xbox Live Is Dead!

Well, at least for those still using the original Xbox. Xbox recently announced that, as of April 15, the Xbox Live service will no longer be available to those using the original Xbox console. Additionally, there will be a bunch of original Xbox games that will no longer be supported by the Xbox Live service, including the first and second versions of Halo, Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six, Counter-Strike and several other Xbox games that remain popular on the Live system. Of course, they’re doing it for a reason. Because so many games are available for Live play now and because Xbox is planning to release Project Natal later on this year, they’re making the move to clear up some space on Live for newer developments. Most of the games that will no longer be available also have updated versions that are still available for Live play. And, yo, if you’re still using an original Xbox, it’s probably time to get with the times anyway, no? Go file your taxes and use the refund check to cop a 360. —Chris Yuscavage