The Grammy’s Best Dressed Man


Fair or not, the ladies seem to get all the attention at the award shows. Unless you’re Ryan Seacreast, you can count on less airtime than a ShamWow commercial. Here’s to the dapper men who turned it out at the Grammy Awards.

Vote for your best dressed below.


Say what you will about Usher, but the man has some serious swagger. Who else cold pull off a three-piece suit without looking like a kid playing dress up? Points also for the shirt and tie combination.



Props to Common for doing something…rather uncommon. The silk scarf and plaid suit are sophisticated touches—the only demerit goes to that off-the-rack white shirt with too much overhang on the arms.



We already knew John Legend was smart, but the man has style down to a science.  Everything is just right and the perforated sweater is a touch of genius.



Maxwell kept it classic and simple in a two-button, slim fitting suit. Teach those kids a lesson.



He’s known as the Prince of Virginia for a reason. Trey Songz get our vote for best dressed of the night in an all-black shawl collar tuxedo and attention to detail that could make Annie Lebovitz feel unworthy. The subtle polka dot bow tie, the pocket square, crisp patent shoes, we have the makings of a style king.