Janelle Monae Is Ready For Her Close Up

Janelle Monae is making a strong pitch for 2010 to be her year with the release of two new songs slated to appear on her upcoming debut album, The Archandroid.

The first song, “Tightrope” features Big Boi, who does a good job of being forgettable, giving Monae the space to do her rap-singing hybrid thing. And she does it well. Over a track that’s all shuffling drums, crisp horn breaks, and dense, funky bass lines, Monae channels her inner-Motown. “Tightrope” is the kind of track that would’ve been a hit when old folks were still courting, but with enough charm to do some damage amongst the kids who are getting it in on dance floors today.

As for “Cold War”, the album’s first single, Monae is doing a similar thing here with the songs uptempo pace and her swooping vocal runs. But unlike “Tightrope”, “Cold War” goes the electro-funk and rock route with dense synthesizers and electric guitar rips.

On both tracks Monae is equally charming and come May 18, when The Archandroid hits shelves, long time fans of hers should finally be able to tell those who have slept on her for so long, “I told you so.” —Jozen Cummings

Tightrope feat. Big Boi

Cold War


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