Khia Takes Singing ‘To Another Level’ On New Album


Just when we thought the female MC game was scant, Khia is returning to the scene with her fourth album, Khia Shamone/Motor Mouf, due this spring.

According to a rep for the Florida-bred rapper, the album will be two discs, each with 16 tracks, led by the single “Been a Bad Girl.” 


Other album cuts include “Fall Back” (a ladies anthem), “Heart on Her Sleeve” and the club song, “Touch Me.”

The raunchy rapper behind 2002’s “My Neck, My Back” will be tapping into her R&B side more on the new effort. “I’m singing and the melodies take it to another level,” said Khia in a statement. “It is a compilation of growth and it’s about me being in a comfortable place in my life and feeling blessed… People didn’t really know me because I came out so hard core. But I’m not just a rapper; I love music and I love learning everything I can about music. Nobody ever showcased that about me — it was just always about the drama.”

The self-proclaimed Queen of the South has had her share of beefs (from Jacki-O to Trina to Janet Jackson), so it’s no surprise that Motor Mouf contains no guest appearances, keeping in line with her previous projects.

“Though I have not, I am not closing any doors for any such opportunity. I’ve learned that all of your songs are you so why are you holding on to certain songs and ideas just because you’re a rapper? You’re an artist,” said Khia. “You create art through words and melodies and music. In music there are no boundaries. There is so much you can do and so many different ways that you can create music and express yourself.”

Khia’s most recent album was 2008’s Nasti Muzik. –Clover Hope