KRS-One Speaks On Jay-Z’s Alleged Illuminati Connection


A lot of diehard rap fans have been waiting for “The Teacher” KRS-One to speak on the Illuminati hoopla that has become water-cooler chats in the entertainment business lately.

At a recent concert, KRS-One did just that, seemingly focusing his attention on rap star Jay-Z, who created debate when he rang in 2010 by debuting his “On To The Next One” video.

“It was going to be radical almost by default because the hip-hop video is an oddly conservative genre,” music video director Sam Brown, told VIBE about the “On To The Next” video done with Jay. “It seems more stuck in its message than other types of music videos. But also, I wanted to make a video that appealed to hip-hop fans.”

Does Jay ‘need more people’? KRS-One seems to think otherwise. Check out the video. —Linda Hobbs