Lil Wayne Is Saved By A Tooth; Dental Surgery Postpones Jail Sentencing


Lil Wayne’s dental surgery has delayed his sentencing until March 2.

Weezy was expected to start serving a year-long sentence at New York’s Rikers Island today after pleading guilty for a weapons possession charge back in 2007.

His attorney Stacey Richman told the judge presiding over the case Weezy suffered from a cracked tooth and had to undergo urgent dental surgery. The judge has ruled to reschedule for March 2.

According to Richman, Lil Wayne’s dental surgery is set for Feb. 12 in Miami and will need 7-10 days to recover. 

He said a premature goodbye to fans via a live streaming video.

“For all the people that didn’t know, this is the last time you gonna be seeing me live for a long motherfuckin’ time,” he said. “So watch—this is history.” —Caroline Acosta

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