Louis Vuitton Solves The Baggage Claim Conundrum


If you’ve ever checked bags at an airport and seen someone about to grab your bag, then you know the importance of customization.  Sure some people might just tie a few strands of leftover birthday ribbon around their suitcase and call it a day, but for something a bit more dignified, Louis Vuitton has got you covered.

While the monogram service is nothing new, Louis Vuitton has just launched customizable designs to its online store for the first time, named Mon Monogram.  Previously the option was only available in select stores, but now your LV bag can sport your initials no matter if you’re in New York or New Mexico. 

Available for personalization are the Pégase wheeled luggage, Keepall duffle bags and Speedy bags.  With the letter, color and design combinations, it all adds up to 200 million different variations so you know if someone’s reaching for your Louis, it’s not because they’re mistaking it for their own.

Get customized here. —Adrien Field